Once you surrender to your vision, success begins to chase you. – Robin Sharma

Profound! Isn’t it? Most of us are conditioned to do exactly the opposite. We are trained to chase success and surrender our vision for attaining the illusion of success.

This makes us hollow. We feel the vacuum. We miss the sense of satisfaction. We lose opportunities to create and keep groping for meaning.

If you have a vision, it’s the most priceless endowment, a peerless blessing. Appreciate its value and the value of your life will appreciate in geometrical proportions.

We are not born to control. We are born to surrender to our visions, our dreams… Life wants to create through us. Each and everything in nature except humans knows this. We mistakenly believe that we have a duty, a responsibility to do a lot of things for our growth and prosperity. We think that we must struggle for survival.

We are supposed simply to allow miracles to manifest through us…to experience the incredible…the mesmerizing and immerse in exuberance.

We all have visions. But, we turn their volume so low that we cannot even hear them now. Decrease the volume of the conditioned mind and fine tune with intuition…inspiration and surrender to Life to live in the true sense. God has been telling this to us since ages. It’s time to listen.

Shubha Baldota
Counsellor and Life Coach




Expect your every need to be met. Expect the answer to every problem, expect abundance on every level. – Eileen Caddy

Expectation is a word we have been trained to stay away from. It is indeed a cause of suffering in many situations. But, there was a proviso we might have forgotten to read.

Expectations of good(in our opinion) behaviour from everyone, expectation that everything in the world should be as we want, expectation that nothing will ever fail,…these are the kinds of expectations which are, in fact, bound to fail. Consequent disappointment is the cause of misery.

But, if we perceive and accept the present as good and then expect it to get better, it will get better. The problem lies in rejecting the current reality as bad and then expecting it to improve.

Expectation is not bad in itself. In fact, it is not bad at all. Resisting the present causes unhappiness.

We must expect to receive the best of everything the Universe has to offer. God awaits that expectation.

Shubha Baldota
Counsellor and Life Coach

Achieve Happily, Not Happiness.

You have everything you need for complete peace and total happiness right now. – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

I know. I know. This is hard to digest. But, then what is peace and happiness all about? Doesn’t that mean acknowledgement? Doesn’t that need acceptance?

I do not intend to say that we should not have dreams, desires, goals. We can very well be, as Ben Sweetland puts it: ‘Happily Discontent‘. We may choose to be happy and grateful for whatever we have right now and then act to enhance the joy or even to share the joy. Fulfilment of our dreams and desires can just be the sources or means of expansion of these feelings. “Achieving happily and not happiness.”

The secret key to success in any area of our lives is ‘Joy’. If you take off from this feeling, you will land in the same feeling. If you take off from a feeling of unhappiness, neediness, or desperation, you will land in those feelings. There are no crossroads. But there are tunnels for us to transform at any moment in between the journey and thus redirect landing.

Even if we have started off from a place of need, we can transform the feeling to enthusiasm or exuberance. We can convert the nature of our goal from ambition to expression. Is this why people say, ‘Happy Landing’ when we take a flight? I guess so! Let this Monday be the foundation stone in building not just the week ahead, but the new year soon arriving. God is equally excited!

#Love, #Joy, #Peace
Shubha Baldota
Counsellor and Life Coach

Success is liking…

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” – Maya Angelou 

The question that may pop up in many minds is “Why”. Why should I like myself…? Ammm…I can give you some options. Choose what appeals to you the most. You may like yourself because God loves you. Or, you may like yourself ’cause you have good qualities, skills, talents. You must be having some strengths along with weaknesses. You might have hurt some, but you have also consoled a lot of souls. You have loved. You have inspired. You have healed. Want some more? I guess your mind has already gained momentum and imagining more reasons for you to like yourself.
You should like what you do because there must a divine purpose behind it. If not, you would not be doing it. Or, it may be a stepping stone or an intermediate step on the path of meaningful accomplishment.
It is most logical to like how you do it because…YOU are doing it. If anyone else were doing it, they would be doing it in a different way. Aren’t we all unique?

But, I will give you one more reason to like yourself, to like what you do, and to like how you do it. Liking in the first instance will motivate you, encourage you. Criticizing and shunning would not help. When you like yourself, you feel motivated to grow. You feel inspired to rise above your weaknesses. When you like what you do you will feel the energy and zeal to do it better and better. You will be able to overcome your vices or shortcomings, such as…fear, laziness, indecisiveness or procrastination.

The most important aspect of the above beautiful quote is that the Author does not say a word about achievement or destination. Liking is enough. But, be consistent. Do not stop liking yourself or your ventures just because you could not get anticipated results. Liking yourself will unfold for you the knowledge you may need to move on. You will get insights and intuitions to make the right moves.

Just live the spirit of this wonderful quote. And you will be a Living Success.

Love, Joy, Peace
Shubha Baldota

Living the Success

No one can define success for us. We must define what success means to us.

Take some time out today to ponder on – what success means to you? And you will be surprised to know that there is nothing to be achieved. You are already living your success. If we do not try to fit in the definition created by the society, we will realize that knowingly or unknowingly we have been walking on the path which creates meaning and fulfillment for us.

It may be so that it has not yet struck you. But, look closely at the series of events in your life and your own actions and responses thereto. Their synchronicity will be revealed to you.

If at all you are experiencing any kind of struggle in your life, it can be primarily for two reasons: One, you are not aware of your life’s purpose…your true calling; or Second, you are focusing on the destination and not enjoying the journey. Am I right? Contemplate.

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts

Shubha Baldota