Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless. – John Ruskin

I agree as well as disagree with this outspokenly honest statement. I agree that the most beautiful things are always inspired creations. Those who create such beautiful pieces of art or fine art or literature or any other performing or nonperforming arts create just for the sake of creation, for the sake of expression. They create for the joy of creation. They create because the inspiration is so strong that they cannot not create.

It is pure. It is blissful. It is divine. It is not banausic. They have no other motive to create it. And the creation may or may not be of any material use for anyone. Agreed.

But, material life is a very small fraction of our existence. The nonmaterial, nonphysical domain is too vast and unfathomable. In fact, it is beyond the capacity of words. And if we look from the perspective of this aspect of the existence, the most beautiful creations are the most useful things.

They lift our spirits. They nurture our souls. They bring us in the ever-moment. We become speechless. We lose the sense of time and space.

These are the windows through which we can have a glimpse of the nonlocal domain of existence. The experience lingers forever. We crave for it again and again. Because it is the knowing of the Universal Oneness which is beyond any definition.

What greater utility can anything have? So pay attention to art. Appreciate art. Make it a part of your life.

“Art begs you to notice it. Why? Because art is God’s way of saying hello!” – Neale Donald Walsch.

Shubha Baldota
Counsellor and Life Coach


Love Freedom Soul God

Love. Freedom. Soul. God. All these words are interchangeable. All carry aspects of the other. All are the other. – Neale Donald Walsch

These are not just interchangeable words. These are interchangeable phenomena. All are supreme. All are highly empowering. All are highest energy forms or frequencies.

Love and Freedom always coexist. Our Souls are free as well. God is both love and freedom. And every Soul is the individuation of the Divine.

By personal experience, I will add Bliss. It is the union of peace and joy. It is the power of the present.

Choose any one to focus on, to affirm, to act upon, or to demonstrate. The results would be identical. Yes, we have the choice. God has given us free will.

Shubha Baldota
Counsellor and Life Coach

The Power of Choice

A life lived by choice is a life of conscious action. A life lived by chance is a life of unconscious reaction. – Neale Donald Walsch.

Very often we complain about not having a choice. We use words like ‘forced by circumstances’, ‘family pressure’, ‘constraints’ …etc. We need to check the truth of these words. Is it really the force of circumstances or is it our own inclination? Is it the family pressure or our lack of courage? Are the constraints real or our imaginings? Contemplate.

We always have a choice. There are more than two options, more than two paths. Our choices are also based on our core values. Sometimes we are confronted with a choice between our own different values. Nonetheless, we have a choice.

And instead of blaming anything outside of us, when we say that it is our choice we are empowered beyond measure. Because, now all the aspects which seemed like constraints suddenly start to favour us. Now, we have the power of intention. We no longer remain a puppet of circumstances. The events of the Universe are being synchronized to fulfill our intention. It is always so. When we make a choice we are consciously choosing action. When we decline to make a choice, we are simply reacting to our current reality.

Let this Monday be not just the beginning of the week but the beginning of a conscious empowered life. God supports us in our choices, without judgment.

Love, Joy, Peace
Shubha Baldota
Counsellor and Life Coach


Be a gift to everyone who enters your life and to everyone whose life you enter. Be careful not to enter another’s life if you cannot be a gift. – Neale Donald Walsch.

This sounds strong, isn’t it? Almost a warning! But, this is a very important message. It indicates the purpose of life. It speaks about the purpose of all relationships. All of us are co-creating our life experiences. If we cannot contribute in a constructive way, we should step out of that relationship.

The only situation when we cannot contribute in a constructive way is one where we presume that what we give should be reciprocated. Had there been no such expectations, we would have enjoyed giving our best. And we do enjoy this. Think about the relationships which you found very fulfilling. And then try to remember from where that fulfilment came? Was that because of something the other did for you, or was that a sheer joy of giving? It is always more satisfying when we share our blessings to make another’s life beautiful.

Let us spend this weekend in truly acknowledging this power. God has created us in the image and likeness of God!

Love, Joy, Peace
Shubha Baldota
Counsellor and Life Coach