Right, fair and kind

It is good to be right. It is better to be fair. It is best to be kind. To quote Dr. Wayne Dyer: Whenever there is a choice between being right and being kind choose kind.

But, sometimes we get trapped in being right. There is someone who is bent upon proving to us that we are wrong. Then, it becomes our mission to prove that we are right. We do not only try to convince that someone that we are right, but we keep seeking approval from others to strengthen our ‘rightness’. When we get such approval the ego feels soothed. But, if even a single individual disapproves, the ego gets ferocious. It can’t stand opposition.

There is nothing wrong in being right. But, there is a big difference in ‘being right’ and ‘being accepted by others as being right’. This approval seeking can make us unfair and unkind. This is our loss.

Should it not be enough that we know that we are right? Is it really possible to convince the whole world? And why should we give so much importance to being right…after all it’s just a perspective! Let’s commence today the transcendence of right and wrong to reach the Realm of God.

Shubha Baldota
Counsellor and Life Coach


Hey God, will you be my Valentine?

Good morning, my dear Valentines! Don’t be surprised. I mean it. We all are born only to be our grandest selves. And what can make us grandest if not love? Love is the only thing every body needs to feel good. Love is the only thing every mind needs to heal itself. And love is the only thing every Soul needs to give…needs to demonstrate…needs to spread it generously.

Our mind or should I say our mindsets tell us that there are other things important than love and joy. Our mind stops us from expressing love in order to avoid vulnerability.

We should choose to be wiser by allowing love to flow ceaselessly. You may love anyone or anything. Just be genuine. Faking will hurt you more than anyone else. You may love humans, animals, nature,…just be genuine.

If you are passionate about something, you are in love. If your heart is overflowing with kindness and compassion, you are in love. If you are being an unassuming friend, you are sharing love. If you are affectionate, you are expressing the softest shade of love. There are many shades of love and we can love each other in any way. But, we must love fully. Celebrate this Valentine’s day with anyone or anything you genuinely love.

Hey God, will you be my Valentine?

Shubha Baldota
Counsellor and Life Coach

Survival and Dignity

People have a right to basic survival. Even if they do nothing. Even if they contribute nothing. Survival with dignity is one of the basic rights of life. I have given you enough resources to be able to guarantee that to everyone. All you have to do is share.” – Neale Donald Walsch, The Complete Conversations with God.

This piece of wisdom seems difficult to accept…. particularly this…’even if they do nothing’. Right? But, don’t you think we have confused a lot of things? We sometimes base our notions of equality on ‘beingness’ and sometimes on ‘doingness’. For instance, we might give equal pay for equal work; but, we don’t give equal respect to the same two persons if one of them belongs to another race. Our lives and systems are full of contradictions. Then, why not follow the laws of nature..the universe…? Such as, the law of cause and effect, the law of supply, the law of abundance, the law of love, the law of attraction…

We all have equal right to living, and the right to dignity because of the simple fact of our being, and irrespective of our doing. Abundance is there in the Universe. Let us enjoy and share. Let our doing be the medium of expression of our being, and not the source of livelihood. Abundance flows to us by a simple affirmation of gratitude: “Thank you, God, for making me an instrument of thy abundance.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Hoarding and accumulating without sharing creates imbalance. We all have a right to luxurious life. Let us exercise our right and allow the same experience to others. Dignity would then be an obvious outcome.

Love, Joy, Peace
Shubha Baldota
Counsellor and Life Coach

Life is a journey without GPS. – Anonymous

Travel light. Check your baggage. Are you carrying past pain and suffering? Oh! It is the heaviest. Remove it at once.

Are you carrying a big bundle of expectations? Open it and replace expectations with spontaneity. Spontaneity has no weight. It emerges and dissolves once the purpose is served.

Are you carrying worries and fears? My! They have a tendency to swell. So just take them out and throw away.

Select some very light yet useful things like awe and wonder, laughter and cheer, enthusiasm and hope and put them in your backpack. Carry some creativity as well. It will help you resolve challenges in a novel way.

Ummm…what more would you need? Yes…a lot of positive attitude to turn problems into opportunities.

Aha ! Don’t forget to carry some love and kindness. A small quantity would do. Because, they multiply whenever used. Have a light and funfilled journey.

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts

Shubha Baldota

Kindness Magic

Kindness Magic

Kindness goes a step ahead of fairness. Fairness has a logical premise. Kindness needs no logic. It is just a natural instinct. But, it creates magic. Kindness attunes us with the forces of nature and we experience effortless manifestation of our desires.

To quote Dr. Wayne Dyer: “Whenever there is a choice between ‘being right’ and ‘being kind’, choose kind.” Our ego always needs to be right and prove others wrong. But, our soul desires to be its grandest self…loving, caring, kind and compassionate. The soul is in search of opportunities to demonstrate what it knows itself to be.

The soul always gives us the first instinct to be our grandest selves. But, the ego jumps in giving us numerous arguments to refrain from following the soul’s instinct. We mistakenly think that we made a smart or clever choice. But, in fact, we have missed the chance to exercise the wiser choice. This creates blockages in the path of realization of our own dreams and desires.

But, when we act before we think…yes, you read it right…when we act before we think, that is, before the ego steps in, and we follow the inspiration we take a leap in moving towards accomplishment of our own aspirations.

Actions taken from the domains of love, kindness, compassion dissolve the blockages and we witness real magic!

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts!

Shubha Baldota