Nothing remains to be done…

When love is there, nothing remains to be done. – Vimala Thakar

We do a lot of things and say that “I am doing this out of love….for love… because of love…and so on..” Where do we intend to go..what do we wish to achieve by doing?

The goal we truly desire to achieve is Love. The feeling we want to experience is Love. The place where we all deeply yearn to go is Love. But, even after finding Love we do not stop and stay there.

There is nothing wrong in doing. It is the passion of doing that takes us astray. Our doing should be an expression of the Love that we have found…whether we find it in a person or a purpose or vision.

And then there is no struggle. It is just an experience being re-created with every action we take. Nothing is needed to ‘be done’ for Love. Our ‘being’ in Love is enough.

When Love is there, God is realized.

Shubha Baldota
Counsellor and Life Coach


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