Right, fair and kind

It is good to be right. It is better to be fair. It is best to be kind. To quote Dr. Wayne Dyer: Whenever there is a choice between being right and being kind choose kind.

But, sometimes we get trapped in being right. There is someone who is bent upon proving to us that we are wrong. Then, it becomes our mission to prove that we are right. We do not only try to convince that someone that we are right, but we keep seeking approval from others to strengthen our ‘rightness’. When we get such approval the ego feels soothed. But, if even a single individual disapproves, the ego gets ferocious. It can’t stand opposition.

There is nothing wrong in being right. But, there is a big difference in ‘being right’ and ‘being accepted by others as being right’. This approval seeking can make us unfair and unkind. This is our loss.

Should it not be enough that we know that we are right? Is it really possible to convince the whole world? And why should we give so much importance to being right…after all it’s just a perspective! Let’s commence today the transcendence of right and wrong to reach the Realm of God.

Shubha Baldota
Counsellor and Life Coach


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