Present Truth

Past data should not be the basis of Present Truth. Data from a prior time or experience should always and only be the basis for new questions. Always the treasure should be in the question, not in the answer.- Neale Donald Walsch.

Truth needs to be deciphered. And to decipher we do not just need to analyze our experiences, we also need to question our experiences; primarily because our experiences are the direct results of our beliefs. These beliefs or the past data cannot always be the basis of our present truth.

Unfortunately, we rarely question our beliefs. Although we are facing undesirable and unwanted experiences, our beliefs are the last thing we would question. Sadly, we try to strengthen our erroneous beliefs by looking for evidence in their support. We forget that life is about creation and not discovery.

We should, therefore, reframe and rephrase the past data to create the experiences we desire. And to do this we must question the past beliefs one by one…even the subtler ones. Start this inquiry today and continue forever to be in touch with the truth…our own truth!

Shubha Baldota
Counsellor and Life Coach


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