The time to relax is when you do not have time for it. – Anonymous. This is absolutely true. Friends, when we are doing a lot of things or when we are busy with any important project or venture, we must find time to relax. If we continue working because our body seems to support, the efficiency graph gradually goes downward. Our concentration, grasping, effectiveness in thinking, speed..all start to diminish. But, how can we remember to take a break or relax if we are engrossed in doing?

I will tell you a simple trick. The moment you catch yourself saying or feeling something like…’Oh! How could I forget this’…or ‘I am not getting any fresh idea’… this is the moment to remember that you need to relax your mind as well as your body. Take a small break and do that what truly relaxes you. Especially, choose something that will replenish your emotional energy because emotional energy fuels both – mind and body. It can be anything from singing to cooking, or stretching to sketching..It can be simply listening to sounds in nature or it can be meditating.

But, I would suggest a couple of things which are sure to relax you. One is deep breathing and another is progressive muscle relaxation technique(PMRT). There are some more relaxers, such as: playing with a kid or a pet, watching a cartoon or a funny video, gulping an icecream, taking a short nap and even counting our blessings..! 🙂

Love, Joy, Peace

Shubha Baldota

Counsellor and Life Coach


2 thoughts on “Relax!

  1. Very true! Perhaps you may not have heard that some Japanese companies ask their workers to have a power nap after meal in the bunkers especially made for this purpose. Short relaxation increase their efficiency and so the production.

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