Collect every drop of Love

Most of us are collectors. We collect songs. We collect stamps. We collect artefacts. We collect antiques. We collect even pets. The list can go on. Right? There is no harm in collecting all this. The problem starts with attachment and identification. We get so identified with our collections that the smallest threat of losing them, can flare us up.

But, I am not writing all this to discourage you from collecting. In fact, I would encourage you to live and enjoy what you desire. Just start collecting one thing more and more every day. Collect each and every drop when someone showers you with love. Harness them. Preserve them. Cherish them. Let this be your biggest collection. I guarantee you that it will serve as your biggest strength. It will be your most valuable asset. It will be your greatest achievement.

And the most amazing part comes now. You can harness as much love as you desire even when you give love. As Ken Keyes says… Love and peace are not only your goals — they are also the methods you use to get to the goals. By deciding to become love, give love and receive love, you will experience God’s presence because God is nothing but Love.

Love, Joy, Peace

Shubha Baldota

Counsellor and Life Coach


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