Life For Me

What is life for you? Is it love, fun, joy, or adventure? Is it service, art, expression, or devotion? There may be a lot more ways of looking at life. It can differ from person to person as we are all unique beings.
For me, life is an Experiment. Not that I knew it since my childhood days. I just discovered it while playing a word association game with a friend. She said life. I said experiment. She looked puzzled. But, for me all puzzles were resolved. In hindsight, I realized how this perspective had been the primary cause in unfolding my life the way it did.
It was a great realization. It explained even those events which seemed to have come out of the blue. It was crystal clear.
I was overjoyed when I read a quote:
“Life is trying things to see if they work.”— Ray Bradbury. It resonates so much with my way of living.
Two more prominent aspects for me are creativity and learning. These were the obvious outcomes of my experiments with life. To experiment, I had to be creative. And after every experiment I learned something. Till date, I am learning. And that is the motto of my life, too.: Live to Learn and You Will Learn to Live.
I have been precautious sometimes. But, mostly it was following the intuition and inspiration. God has been extremely kind to guide, support and even protect me during this wonderful phenomenon called life. Every moment looks like the journey as well as the destination. It is truly amazing.
I am filled with gratitude. Love you, God !

Love, Joy, Peace
Shubha Baldota
Counsellor and Life Coach


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