Success is liking…

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” – Maya Angelou 

The question that may pop up in many minds is “Why”. Why should I like myself…? Ammm…I can give you some options. Choose what appeals to you the most. You may like yourself because God loves you. Or, you may like yourself ’cause you have good qualities, skills, talents. You must be having some strengths along with weaknesses. You might have hurt some, but you have also consoled a lot of souls. You have loved. You have inspired. You have healed. Want some more? I guess your mind has already gained momentum and imagining more reasons for you to like yourself.
You should like what you do because there must a divine purpose behind it. If not, you would not be doing it. Or, it may be a stepping stone or an intermediate step on the path of meaningful accomplishment.
It is most logical to like how you do it because…YOU are doing it. If anyone else were doing it, they would be doing it in a different way. Aren’t we all unique?

But, I will give you one more reason to like yourself, to like what you do, and to like how you do it. Liking in the first instance will motivate you, encourage you. Criticizing and shunning would not help. When you like yourself, you feel motivated to grow. You feel inspired to rise above your weaknesses. When you like what you do you will feel the energy and zeal to do it better and better. You will be able to overcome your vices or shortcomings, such as…fear, laziness, indecisiveness or procrastination.

The most important aspect of the above beautiful quote is that the Author does not say a word about achievement or destination. Liking is enough. But, be consistent. Do not stop liking yourself or your ventures just because you could not get anticipated results. Liking yourself will unfold for you the knowledge you may need to move on. You will get insights and intuitions to make the right moves.

Just live the spirit of this wonderful quote. And you will be a Living Success.

Love, Joy, Peace
Shubha Baldota


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