Syntax of Life

Seek The Good. This is the task today. And what a wonderful task ! Seeking the good in itself is the best thing you can do to yourself.

You can prove with all vehemence that nothing good is happening in your life…that everything is getting worse or worst. Yet, negative logic takes you nowhere. Remember, good and bad always coexist. You just need to pay attention to good and always seek good. You notice things through the glass of your own perception. Your emotions become your pilots. If you are feeling sad, you will notice pathos. If you are feeling joyous, you will notice celebrations and carnivals.

From where does a feeling come after all? Thoughts create feelings. Thoughts provide the ground for our perspective through which the perception happens. Choose better feeling thoughts and bring a shift in your perspective. Look for good. Perceive good. Seek good. This practice when made into a habit can change the course of your life. Seek to see good. Seek to experience good. And life gets better and better each day. It is the syntax of life.

Just as, grammatically speaking, better and best are the comparative and superlative degrees, respectively, of the adjective ‘good’; so is with life. If you desire a better or the best life, first say: Life is good. So simple !

Affirm: I am good. Life is good. Day by day in every way I am getting better and better. Thank you.

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts

Shubha Baldota


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