Mind With Matters

I know. I know. We should elevate our mind above matter. We should rise to the realm of spirituality from the world of materialism.

But, what does spirituality truly mean ? To me it is a way of living focused on the things which really matter. Hence, I am training my mind to be only with that which matters.

I have devised a method to check whether my mind is focused on what matters. I enquire with my Soul. My Soul speaks to me through my feelings. So I have an aparatus called the feelometer. When my mind is with what matters to my Soul I feel good. There is a balance. There is harmony. I then try to use my body to execute the Desire of my Soul to express and experience the Soul’s beauty.

I check again whether the execution went fine. If I am still feeling good, I am sure it did.

In short, to me, the only thing that matters is the desire of my Soul. It makes perfect sense to me. What does truly matter to you?

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts

Shubha Baldota


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