The Sole Soul Power

When under pressing circumstances and highly challenging situations, on which strength do you depend…physical, mental, emotional? Or do you draw strength from the unlimited reservoir of the Soul?

Of course, we need physical, mental and emotional power to deal with day today life situations. But, the real force comes from the Soul. When life situations decide to test us, we look for support outside…family, friends, or other resources. They may or may not be adequate. We then get frustrated. We blame. We complain. We get angry and we resent. Instead of emerging stronger, we go a level down.

Whenever you feel inadequate, turn inside and withdraw from the Soul’s huge reserves. It will never disappoint you.

And how to fill in the reservoir? By inculcating the habit of meditation, by learning to love unconditionally, by acceptance, by developing patience, by forgiving, by choosing peace and happiness in each moment,…and by making gratitude your way of living.

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts

Shubha Baldota


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