The Right Way

There is no right way. It is only your way. – Neale Donald Walsch. Believe in your idea. Do think about it; but, not for making it impractical. Think about how to plant to nurture it. Give it time to take roots. Monitor the progress above the ground. Take out weeds of fear and negativity. Let it blossom. Your belief in the idea will show you the path…a brand new path. Belief will give you courage to walk on the path. Belief will allow your mind to open and expand. Belief will save you from constricting. Do not get upset or lose heart by some setbacks. Pick the thread again. There is no such thing as success or failure. Everything is a feedback. Analyze the feedback and take measures. Make your way the right way.

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts

Shubha Baldota


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