In the book Art of Loving, Eric Fromm includes Care to be one of the components of love. Today, we will understand and implement care.

Care is the deepest shade of love. When you care about someone you do not even need to express your love in words.

Care means attention. Care means concern. When someone gets your attention and feels your concern through your actions, he/she knows that you love him/her.

Care is a shade of respect as well. When you care about someone’s likes, dislikes, views, opinions, weaknesses or limitations, he/she feels your respect. They feel the unconditional acceptance. And, as you know, unconditional acceptance is the foundation of Unconditional Love !

Caring about someone’s needs is a great way of expressing love. Being observant helps in knowing even the smallest need; and observation is possible with attention. When we demonstrate such care the recipient remembers it for his whole life.

So, Care in Action is the mantra today. Have a loving, caring day !

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts

Shubha Baldota


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