Life is a journey without GPS. – Anonymous

Travel light. Check your baggage. Are you carrying past pain and suffering? Oh! It is the heaviest. Remove it at once.

Are you carrying a big bundle of expectations? Open it and replace expectations with spontaneity. Spontaneity has no weight. It emerges and dissolves once the purpose is served.

Are you carrying worries and fears? My! They have a tendency to swell. So just take them out and throw away.

Select some very light yet useful things like awe and wonder, laughter and cheer, enthusiasm and hope and put them in your backpack. Carry some creativity as well. It will help you resolve challenges in a novel way.

Ummm…what more would you need? Yes…a lot of positive attitude to turn problems into opportunities.

Aha ! Don’t forget to carry some love and kindness. A small quantity would do. Because, they multiply whenever used. Have a light and funfilled journey.

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts

Shubha Baldota


Spectacular Indeed !

“If we look both ways before crossing, if we learn to share, if we hold hands and keep track of each other, if we walk and don’t run, if we quit pushing and say we are sorry when we do, if we clean up our messes,and if we stop fighting with our brothers and sisters – we will get to grow up and our future can be spectacular.” – Robert Fulghum.

I believe,

If we stop withholding love and care and extend to give greater share ,

If we drop ruthless killing and learn more and more ways of healing,

If we leave worry and anxiety and just trust in nature’s bounty,

If we let go living in the past and NOW opt happiness to last,

If we quit pursuit of perfection and look with greater affection,

If we ignore things that annoy and create more context for joy,

If we stop fearing God at once and embrace the new ideas immense,

If we shed off tendencies that separate and let Divine Oneness to flow and operate

We will truly get to grow up at speed and our future will be Spectacular indeed.” 

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts

Shubha Baldota


In the book Art of Loving, Eric Fromm includes Care to be one of the components of love. Today, we will understand and implement care.

Care is the deepest shade of love. When you care about someone you do not even need to express your love in words.

Care means attention. Care means concern. When someone gets your attention and feels your concern through your actions, he/she knows that you love him/her.

Care is a shade of respect as well. When you care about someone’s likes, dislikes, views, opinions, weaknesses or limitations, he/she feels your respect. They feel the unconditional acceptance. And, as you know, unconditional acceptance is the foundation of Unconditional Love !

Caring about someone’s needs is a great way of expressing love. Being observant helps in knowing even the smallest need; and observation is possible with attention. When we demonstrate such care the recipient remembers it for his whole life.

So, Care in Action is the mantra today. Have a loving, caring day !

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts

Shubha Baldota


A lot has been said about smile and the power of a smile. It may sound cliché if I ask you to smile today. Yet, I would say – try it. Smile today. Smile more often than you usually do and experience the magic!

A smile contains a shade of love within itself…and you know that love heals. Love heals broken hearts and covers distances between hearts. A smile has the power to mend and to amend. A smile can comfort and console a weeping soul.

So, go ahead and give a smile to everyone you meet today. Do not apprehend cold responses. Do not expect reciprocation either. Be generous. It will cost you nothing. In fact, if you are conscious enough, you will notice that it brings you gain in some form, tangible or intangible.

Just smile !

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts

Shubha Baldota