Living the Success

No one can define success for us. We must define what success means to us.

Take some time out today to ponder on – what success means to you? And you will be surprised to know that there is nothing to be achieved. You are already living your success. If we do not try to fit in the definition created by the society, we will realize that knowingly or unknowingly we have been walking on the path which creates meaning and fulfillment for us.

It may be so that it has not yet struck you. But, look closely at the series of events in your life and your own actions and responses thereto. Their synchronicity will be revealed to you.

If at all you are experiencing any kind of struggle in your life, it can be primarily for two reasons: One, you are not aware of your life’s purpose…your true calling; or Second, you are focusing on the destination and not enjoying the journey. Am I right? Contemplate.

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts

Shubha Baldota


Don’t push life.

In this era of technological boom we are enjoying a wonderful speed…speed of 3g and 4g technology. But, we have got so habituated to this speed that we are committing a mistake of expecting the same speed from life. Technology and life are two different phenomena. It still takes 3/4 months for a crop to grow, and 9 months and 9 days for a mother to deliver a baby. An hour still comprises of 60 minutes and it takes a few hours after sunset for the sunrise. So, let us learn to enjoy life moment to moment. Life is here and now. Do not use the present moment just as a stepping stone to some future moment. Do not expect the speed of technology from life. Don’t push life. Just enjoy everything you do. Feel the aroma with every sip of coffee and relish every morsel of our meal. Watch the rain running down the window glass and stop to breathe the fragrance of flowers.

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts

Shubha Baldota


Kindness Magic

Kindness Magic

Kindness goes a step ahead of fairness. Fairness has a logical premise. Kindness needs no logic. It is just a natural instinct. But, it creates magic. Kindness attunes us with the forces of nature and we experience effortless manifestation of our desires.

To quote Dr. Wayne Dyer: “Whenever there is a choice between ‘being right’ and ‘being kind’, choose kind.” Our ego always needs to be right and prove others wrong. But, our soul desires to be its grandest self…loving, caring, kind and compassionate. The soul is in search of opportunities to demonstrate what it knows itself to be.

The soul always gives us the first instinct to be our grandest selves. But, the ego jumps in giving us numerous arguments to refrain from following the soul’s instinct. We mistakenly think that we made a smart or clever choice. But, in fact, we have missed the chance to exercise the wiser choice. This creates blockages in the path of realization of our own dreams and desires.

But, when we act before we think…yes, you read it right…when we act before we think, that is, before the ego steps in, and we follow the inspiration we take a leap in moving towards accomplishment of our own aspirations.

Actions taken from the domains of love, kindness, compassion dissolve the blockages and we witness real magic!

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts!

Shubha Baldota

Wake up !

When was the last time you felt truly happy?

Hey..did you think about this? Then, it is a serious matter.

The answer should be an unequivocal “NOW“.

On what have you made your happiness conditional….any event, someone else’s happiness, any achievement, or money?

Drop all the conditions and be happy NOW.

We don’t need a reason to be happy. It is our ABILITY, not a goal.

Don’t try to achieve happiness. Achieve happily.

If you are not happy in the beginning of any journey, you will not experience happiness at the end either. – Mike Dooley

Happiness is always a DECISION. Make it !

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts !

Shubha Baldota


The Glory of Maladjustment

The Glory of Mal-Adjustment

They say, “The most difficult thing is to live alone and the second most difficult thing is to live with a human being.”

Almost all humans choose to live as social animals as it is a bit less difficult thing to do. This choice breeds the need for adjustment. A well-adjusted person can escape the horror of living alone. But, are humans born just to adjust? Has God endowed them with such high potentials, brilliance, genius, imagination, creativity, sensitivity… to make adjustments in the society? My answer is: Emphatic NO.

Man is born to create, to love, to appreciate, to soothe, to heal, to learn, to spread happiness, to discover, to invent, to be self-actualized and to transcend the dichotomy of the world.

Civilization is not created by well-adjusted people. As a matter of fact, a well-adjusted person cannot even fully realize and relish his potential let alone contributing to the creations in the world. They identify too completely with ‘the Persona’ (Carl Jung’s Archetype) at the expense of their true identities. They are just struggling to survive by simply increasing the area of agreement. They can hardly reach Rollo May’s ‘Creative Consciousness’.

The scientists whose inventions have made our lives much smoother, whose researches would guide us for ages, were probably not well-adjusted people, be it Archimedes, Newton, Edison or Einstein.

The great philosophers, psychologists and literary genius must have spent years of aloneness, reading and writing day and night, and must have pondered over a single thought for years to create the premise and theories which guide us in every walk of life.

The Renaissance was marked by the works of art by Michael Angello, Leonardo De Vinci, the literary creations of Shakespeare, Marlowe, Dante and Tuscan, …

Four stalwarts, Carl Marx, Darvin, Franz Kafka and Sigmund Freud are called the keys to the twentieth century. Through them we understand life in that century.

Society called them fanatics and maniacs. The works of these so called fanatics would survive for the centuries to come.

The great leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi, too, were certainly not striving to adjust in the society. They uplifted the society from the age-old darkness of ignorance.

Mother Teresa, Ravindranath Tagore, Swami Vivekanand simply followed their instincts passionately and their contributions to the fields of ideologies and art; and most importantly, their service to humanity made them immortal.

In the words of Abraham Maslow, these are the self-actualized people who transcended adjustment. The whole world salutes them for their contributions to mankind and not for how well-adjusted they were in the other areas of their lives.

We should always follow our instincts as our instincts or inspirations are nothing but mandates of God. Inspired means ‘In Spirit’. – Dr. Wayne Dyer. The more we can listen to and follow our inspirations the more support we receive from the Universe and Nature. God is not bothered how well you adjust in the society. What matters is how well you understand the purpose of your incarnation and whether you possess the will and courage to walk that path.

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts

Shubha Baldota