Love Care Courage

             When we fall in love, we start loving life! And when we start loving life, we avoid taking unnecessary risks. People in love are not afraid. They are careful. They wish to live. They desire to live fully. They know that love is a priceless gem! They want to preserve it, protect it, nurture it! So, they take every care. They pretend to be cowards. But, they are very courageous.

            Allowing love to enter your life needs courage; it needs strength. Love is very demanding! It demands your soul. It makes you vulnerable. It demands that you give up your ego. What a threat! The ego will play every possible trick to keep you away from love. But, love comes as a surge taking everything in its stride. Ego is afraid of love. It will fight with all vigour and vehemence, but, in vain. Love triumphs and ego has to vacate!

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts

Shubha Baldota


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