The Truth of Intention

Energy follows the thought.
To quote Wallace D. Wattles:
“Thought is the only power which can produce tangible riches from the Formless Substance. There is no limit to the supply of Formless Stuff, or Original Substance. Original Substance is alive with creative energy, and is constantly producing more forms….”

Thoughts become things with the help of this creative energy.
Intention is the most powerful thought. Hence energy follows intention.
Intention, in common parlance, means motive, a specific purpose in performing an action, or an end or a goal aimed at. Intentional behaviour can also be just thoughtful and deliberate goal-directedness.

But, intention is not just willingness. It is much more. It is a determination. Rather, it is a decision.
Whenever you have an ABSOLUTE INTENTION to do, be or have something, you become the channel for the creative energy. ‘THAT’ something manifests through you.
When do we truly intend?
Under two circumstances: First, when we EARNESTLY DESIRE something; second, when we ‘FEEL’ RESPONSIBLE for something. In these two cases our intention is integral. In other cases, whatever we are willing to do, be or have, we may lack intention. It can be called, at the most, a wish! It is a weak desire.
“When you express an intention with integrity in the Universe, the Universe moves to accommodate you.” – Anonymous.
To put it simply, when our intention is absolute, all the creative energies can be channeled through us. Our body becomes such a conduit which has no blockades at all. Our intention does not only get completely accomplished; but the speed and perfection with which it manifests are incredible.
Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts
Shubha Baldota


Love and Freedom

Love is a much higher value than freedom; or should I say: Love is the highest value. A human filled with love is truly free. True freedom is freedom from ego. This is possible only if there is pure, unconditional love.

A person who seeks freedom more than love is actually less free. The person has not realized that freedom, like any other value, is to be given and not to be sought. Those who are bound with others due to the love in their own heart are free. Others are bound with them because they experience the freedom to be themselves. “The freedom one experiences in a relationship binds him.”

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts

Shubha Baldota

Love Care Courage

             When we fall in love, we start loving life! And when we start loving life, we avoid taking unnecessary risks. People in love are not afraid. They are careful. They wish to live. They desire to live fully. They know that love is a priceless gem! They want to preserve it, protect it, nurture it! So, they take every care. They pretend to be cowards. But, they are very courageous.

            Allowing love to enter your life needs courage; it needs strength. Love is very demanding! It demands your soul. It makes you vulnerable. It demands that you give up your ego. What a threat! The ego will play every possible trick to keep you away from love. But, love comes as a surge taking everything in its stride. Ego is afraid of love. It will fight with all vigour and vehemence, but, in vain. Love triumphs and ego has to vacate!

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts

Shubha Baldota

Opportunity Never Stops Knocking !


You might have heard that ‘Opportunity knocks only once.’ But, have you ever analyzed this statement? Have you tried to understand its true meaning?

After giving it a thought, I realized that this statement is incomplete!

It needs an addendum to convey its true meaning.

The statement can be altered like this:

One opportunity knocks only once;

The next one comes while the previous runs…!

Yes friends, that’s true!

As long as you deserve an opportunity, that is, so long as YOU THINK you deserve an opportunity; it will come again and again in different cloaks.

So, never ever get sad if you miss an opportunity. You can attract it again with your positive thoughts and happy state of mind.

Believe in yourself, believe in your potential, believe in the power of positive thinking and believe in the tremendous power of intention !

Love, Joy, Happy Thoughts

Shubha Baldota